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Tanzania’s Polls Go Ahead Amid Claims of Fraud

Tanzania’s main opposition leader says there has been “shameless” widespread vote rigging in Wednesday’s elections. In a series of tweets, Mr Lissu, from Chadema, said there had been “shameless” election fraud. He retweeted a video of what appeared to citizens intercepting a bag full of pre-filled ballots, all voting for the CCM. But the National Electoral Commission says the accusations are unfounded. Internet users have also reported WhatsApp and Twitter, among other sites, have been blocked. Voting has been calm and peaceful on the mainland after reports of violence in Zanzibar on Tuesday. Polls have now closed and election results are expected within a week. President John Magufuli, whose Chama Cha Mapenduzi (CCM) party has governed Tanzania for decades, is seeking a second term in office. His main challenger is expected to be Tundu Lissu, who survived an assassination attempt three years ago. He returned from Belgium in July where he had undergone rounds of treatment for gunshot wounds. In all, 15 candidates are running for president – including former foreign minister Bernard Membe, an ex-colleague-turned-critic of Mr Magufuli who defected from the ruling party.