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Tanzanian Agribusiness and Food Entrepreneurs Dominating Local and Global Markets

Entrepreneur Ann-Elizabeth Swai founded AKM Glitters, a Tanzanian poultry business that operates on a franchise model rather than selling chicken meat and eggs directly to consumers. In 2019, Tanzanian entrepreneur Jolenta Joseph founded Sanavita, an agribusiness that processes biofortified crops into food products. Fahad Awadh founded YYTZ Agro-Processing in 2015 to process and export cashew nuts. Joseph Kadendula began selling honey locally in 2014 after exploring beekeeping through online research, his business connects local farmers to global markets. Hadija Jabiri, initially aspiring to follow Aliko Dangote’s footsteps and founded GBRI. Focusing on European market demands, GBRI established the EatFresh brand and expanded its smallholder farmer network.