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Tanzania, like Many other African Countries, Wants to Stop Depending on Fertiliser from Russia

Fertiliser – the key ingredient needed to help crops grow – is in short supply across the world. Global prices have also sky-rocketed in part because of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The amount of fertiliser available globally has almost halved, while the cost of some types of fertiliser have nearly tripled over the past 12 months, according to the United Nations. That is having a knock-on effect in countries like Tanzania, where farmers are dependent on imported fertiliser. Demand for locally produced fertiliser is rising. Small-scale farmers in the north of Tanzania are now turning to places like Minjingu Mines and Fertilizer Ltd, one of the biggest fertiliser manufacturers in the country. The company says it is experiencing a sudden increase in demand and is struggling to fill orders. But bosses say they are unable to increase their capacity because of heavy taxation.