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Tanzania Announces Death of its Second National Missing since the Hamas Attack on Israel 

“We have been informed by the Israeli government that Joshua Mollel, a young Tanzanian studying in Israel with whom we have lost contact since 7 October 2023 (…) was killed immediately after being captured by Hamas”, Tanzanian Foreign Minister January Makamba said on X. The government is arranging for Joshua Mollel’s relatives, including his father, to travel to Israel to meet the authorities and “obtain more details”, Mr Makamba continued. Two Tanzanian students taking part in the same programme went missing after the attack on 7 October. In November, the Tanzanian authorities announced the death of the first, 22-year-old Clémence Félix Mtenga, without specifying the circumstances of his death. Of the 250 or so hostages and bodies taken on 7 October in the Gaza Strip on the day of the Hamas attack, 135 are still being held by Hamas and its allies, according to the latest figures released on Tuesday by the Israeli authorities, before Tanzania announced the death of its second national.