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Take an Immersive Virtual Tour of Astonishing Experiences Encountered in the African Wild 

Step into the boots of intrepid explorers, safari guides, humble travelers, and seasoned experts. Having spent their fair share of quality time in the bush, Discover Africa’s co-founders, Andre Van Kets and Steve Conradie, know exactly what makes a safari special, and these are carefully selected scenes you don’t want to miss. This curated collection of breathtaking moments has been put together by Discover Africa Safaris, a proudly South African luxury safari operator. “At Discover Africa Safaris, our unwavering belief in the magic of the wild, boundless passion for wildlife, and dedication to crafting unforgettable safari experiences have consistently driven our mission to bring travelers closer to nature,” says Steve. The ten captivating spectacles you are about to witness are testament to the untamed beauty, natural spontaneity, and remarkably diverse nature of wildlife on the African continent.