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Take A Walk On The Wild Side At Lalibela Game Reserve

Step out the vehicle and into the embodiment of a safari! Walking safaris elevate the traditional safari experience by placing travellers directly in the middle of the action. Unlike conventional game drives, walking safaris invite you to become part of the landscape, as one weaves through the wilderness on foot, igniting all the senses. Guests will not only experience the pulse of the wild at its most unfiltered, but also learn about the intricate ecosystems that call it home.

In a malaria-free area of the Eastern Cape in South Africa, Lalibela Game Reserve is a breathtaking destination that offers two unique walking safari experiences: the Big 5 Walking Safari and the Soft Walking Safari. Typically conducted after – or in lieu of – a morning drive and taking between two and three hours, both are led by experienced guides who are specifically trained in walking safaris. 

A thrilling experience that challenges and excites, the Big 5 Walking Safari is undoubtedly a bucket-list adventure for discerning travellers wanting to experience the most famous animals in Africa on an even playing field. Come face to face with lions, elephants, buffalos, cheetahs and more as you and your guide explore the flora and fauna of the reserve. 

The Soft Walking Safari, which is suitable for all ages including children, takes place in a dedicated 2 000 hectare area – adjacent to the main operating Big 5 area – which is used as a breeding area and a space to reintroduce game species endemic to the Eastern Cape. In this predator-free area, a more relaxed on-foot safari experience takes guests up close and personal with game such as zebras, giraffes, warthogs and various antelope. 

A walking safari is the perfect opportunity to take bush encounters to the next level. With every step, you will have the opportunity to intimately immerse yourself in the natural habitat of Africa’s wildlife as you leave their comfort zone and become one with nature. 
Guests have the option to book their choice of walking safari during their stay at Lalibela Game Reserve. For more information and to book your Lalibela stay, visit