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Swine Fever Wipes out 300 000 Pigs in Nigeria

An outbreak of African swine fever in Nigeria’s largest pig farm co-operative in the south-west of the country has been confirmed. The most affected farm provides a source of livelihood to some 3,000 farmers. Although it is harmless to humans, the viral disease can kill pigs within a few days, according to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). Pig rearing is one of the main routes out of poverty for many people in Nigeria, meaning this outbreak threatens the livelihoods of thousands of families. The outbreak has hit Oke Aro farm, a co-operative settlement managed by the Lagos State government, said to be the largest pig farm in West Africa. At least 99% of the pig pens have been affected. The farm is a key supplier of pig products but it struggles to meet the demands of more than 50 million consumers in the region.