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Surfers’ Near Miss with Shark

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) sent out a warning to South Coast residents that they ought to steer clear of the beaches as a significant increase in shark traffic was being detected.  On Tuesday 23 June, it became clear that they weren’t kidding. Teenager Zach Berman, from Cape Town, captured footage of a great white shark cruising perilously close to unaware surfers in Plettenberg Bay, and was able to alert the Sea Rescue authorities in case anyone was hurt. Berman posted the footage on his Instagram, where it’s going viral. The footage was captured by 14-year-old nature enthusiast Zach Berman, who is spending time in Plettenberg Bay documenting wildlife during lockdown.  He said that he was monitoring the sharks before things got seriously hairy and he saw the shark in question heading to the group of surfers. The NSRI said on Tuesday that the incident was all the proof the public needs that their warnings should be taken seriously. They reiterated their plea for surfers and residents to avoid getting in the water while the influx of sharks continues between Mossel Bay and Jeffreys Bay.