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Supporting Education In SA Through Buy A Pen, Donate A Pen Initiative

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As part of their continued investment into the education of South Africa’s learners, BIC stationery is donating pens and pencils to  under resourced schools across the country and this year, the campaign ran from  March ending in June 2021. This was made possible through the brand’s longstanding ‘Buy a Pen, Donate a Pen’ initiative. This year’s donation is in addition to an astonishing 11.5 million pens that have been donated by BIC to underprivileged children in South Africa over the past 8 years.  

In the absence of sufficient stationery, the process of learning and educational development is hindered and delayed. Unfortunately for many, as a result of the economic climate in South Africa, this hindrance is a vivid reality.

As a means of addressing this, South Africa’s No.1 stationery brand developed its ‘Buy a Pen, Donate a Pen’ campaign 8 years ago, through which a pen or pencil is donated to a disadvantaged child each time a BIC Stationery product with the ‘Buy a Pen Donate a Pen’ sticker is purchased. The pens and pencils are distributed through a series of visits to public schools, where BIC provides an edutainment show for the learners, and hands over the stationery.   

During April and May 2021, BIC is visiting schools in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Western Cape and Gauteng including Kgotlelelang Primary School in Soshanguve, who received its donation of 10 000 pens and pencils this past Monday, 17  May.  “We appreciate this huge gesture from BIC. Thank you for supporting our learners. We hope this motivates them and helps unleash their full potential. This contribution will go a long way in encouraging our learners to remain positive as they learn to read and write,” said Kgotlelelang Primary School Principal, Isaac Dibakwane. 

BIC remains dedicated in its efforts to advocate for educational opportunities for a better future for all South African children. 

“The ‘Buy a Pen, Donate a Pen’ campaign is part of our mission to improve the lives, spirits and educational opportunities of the children of our beautiful country, allowing them to reach their full potential and imagination,” says BIC Stationery Marketing Manager, Kutlwano Tshetlhane. 

“We believe that we have a role to play in developing our future leaders, creators and innovators, and this initiative is just one of the ways in which we do that. We encourage all South Africans to continue to help us make a difference to ensure a brighter future for our children,” Tshetlhane concludes. 

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