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“Sungrow’s Global Recognition: No.12 On 2023 Fortune Future 50 List, Is Reinforcing Its Presence In South Africa”

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Sungrow Power Supply, a major player in global inverter brand with 405GW installed worldwide, reinforces its presence in South Africa, offering dependable power solutions during the country’s challenging load shedding times. According to Jordaan, based on current projections, 2024 may moderate to 2.5 blackout hours per day. Despite this, scheduled outages will persist. Sungrow remains committed to providing reliable, long-term, and eco-friendly power for South African households and beyond.  

Sungrow’s Home Energy Solution is tailored for South African homeowners grappling with frequent load shedding and energy fluctuations. With a rapid 1.6-hour charge time and expandable storage up to 48 kWh, it addresses power supply challenges. The system’s smart monitoring, easy installation, and robust safety features cater to the unique demands of South African households, optimizing power generation. Sungrow’s 10-year warranty on both the inverter and battery, along with a 48-hour maintenance coverage and 24/7 service hotline, underscores its commitment to supporting homeowners in South Africa, ensuring a reliable and efficient energy solution.

Sungrow not only provides dependable and environmentally conscious power solutions but also embraces a user-centric strategy to fulfill enduring safety and eco-friendly electricity requirements. The SP600S power optimizer, a Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE) product by Sungrow, aims to enhance power generation by up to 30% through its Shade-Proof technology, improving the efficiency and safety of solar systems. This product is set to launch in South Africa on a date yet to be announced. Sungrow’s dedication is further demonstrated in the enhanced version of its iSolarCloud App, serving as an intelligent project management and monitoring system for comprehensive lifecycle management of photovoltaic and energy storage plants.

As a leader in the industry, Sungrow recently secured the No. 12 spot on the 2023 Fortune Future 50 list, an exclusive recognition of long-term growth potential among over 1,700 of the world’s largest public companies. Sungrow shares this prestigious ranking with well-known companies like Spotify, Lululemon, DocuSign, and Pinterest, solidifying its position as a global leader in clean power solutions.