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Sun-El Musician & Msaki Gift Us A Sunset-Inspired Collab Ahead Of Her Music Hiatus

“Follow The Sunset”, a reimagining of “Ubomi Abumanga”, features the sounds of Llandudno Beach and will also be performed live at the Corona Sunsets Festival World Tour in Cape Town on April 1

In this era of collaboration, a special music video has emerged from Sun-El Musician and Msaki with “Follow The Sunset”, a reimagined version of the hit song, “Ubomi Abumanga”, featuring the voice of nature.

Recorded with all the glory of an African sunset on Llandudno Beach in Cape Town, Sun-El’s musical genius and Msaki’s stunning vocals were inspired to celebrate the eternal turn of the day into night, an opportunity for rest, and restoring a sense of peace. “Ubomi Abumanga – Follow The Sunset”, is a lush, orchestral call to acknowledge that little moments make life beautiful.

“Whenever I come to the sea, I always feel like when the sun sets, a song waiting for me. This was a very special moment for me to be able to have done this version of the song at this time in my life,” says Msaki.

The original version of “Ubomi Abumanga” (“life hasn’t stopped”) was the second single off Sun-El’s 2020 album “To The World And Beyond”. Featuring Msaki, the song came soon after the end of the Covid pandemic and spoke to overcoming hardships and challenges at that time with the message that “the sun will come out”.

 “It intrigued me – the idea of what nature would sound like in a song – and when Corona suggested we find out, I couldn’t resist. So, we took natural sounds that moved us when we were on the beach and used them to help define an entirely new mood and production style on “Ubomi Abumanga”. It’s a totally reimagined song,” says Sun-El Musician.

“Follow The Sunset”, has been released on YouTube ahead of the Corona Sunsets Festival World Tour in Cape Town in which both Sun-El and Msaki will be appearing. The show will be one of Msaki’s last performances before she takes time out from music.

Other artists performing at the festival, to take place at Glen Country Club, Clifton, on April 1, also include Black Motion, Majozi, Musa Keys, Jeremy Loops, Good Luck, FKA Mash, DJ Leighton Moody and the Ndlovu Youth Choir and Grammy Award-winning, American DJ/producer, Louie Vega.

A first-of-its-kind global touring festival, the Corona Sunsets Festival World Tour follows the sunset worldwide and features a full year of festivals with international musicians and DJs performing as the sunset takes center stage at 14 iconic beach destinations across the globe. These include South Africa, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Italy, Japan, Canada, UK, China, Greece, Brazil, Dominican Republic, India, and Uruguay. 

Now available on YouTube, the beautifully shot video is a powerful call to finding oneself in nature and features Sun-El and Msaki on Llandudno beach, as well as scenes from the rocks overlooking the ocean as the sun sets.

“Ubomi Abumanga – Follow The Sunset” is a beautiful call for us all to immerse ourselves in and draw inspiration from nature. The sounds are simply spectacular, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have been supportive of Sun-El and Msaki in creating this incredible music project, especially with Msaki taking some time out from music soon,” says Marsha Kumire, Marketing Director, Corona South Africa.

To watch “Ubomi Abumanga – Follow The Sunset” go to: 

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