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Sudanese City of El-Fasher at Risk of Falling into Rebel Hands

The US envoy to Sudan has warned that el-Fasher, the last city under army control in western Darfur, could soon fall to the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF). The RSF has been attacking el-Fasher since mid-April, with the intention of establishing Darfur as a breakaway state, though the US has stated it will not recognize an independent Darfur. The city’s fall would exacerbate the dire humanitarian situation, where hundreds of thousands of civilians face hunger, thirst, and daily bombings. Hospitals are overwhelmed, with the Sayyid Shuada health center receiving an average of 50 wounded patients per day and operating with just one surgeon. Local volunteers are struggling to support the medical facilities amid worsening conditions. The situation deteriorated further when RSF fighters stormed and looted South Hospital, leading to its closure. The US envoy emphasized the urgent need for a ceasefire to prevent further catastrophe.