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Successful Webinar Series Illustrates the Power of the Publishers’ Network

Tipped as the largest ever gathering of African business leadership with 15,000 registrants, “Crisis Management for African Business Leaders”, is a five-part webinar series hosted by and the faculty of Harvard Business School. The webinar comes at a time when large, medium and small businesses across Africa and the world are faced with uncharted territory and obvious anxiety.’s key relationships with the continent’s leading business titles through the Publishers’ Network has been key to engaging the African private sector. The webinar series is sharing management knowledge and inspiring innovative thinking to tackle issues related to the pandemic on African soil. Because of’s pre-existing relationships with the publishers, the effort to publicize the event to Africa’s business leaders was arranged in a matter of hours and days. The series has attracted registrants from 123 countries – 46 countries in Africa and 77 countries in the rest of the world. The largest representation comes from Nigeria, followed by South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and Ethiopia.