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Sub-Saharan Africa Improves its Gender Gap According to New Report

The World Economic Forum’s 2024 Global Gender Gap Report indicates that achieving gender parity across the planet will take five more generations. While this signifies there is work to be done, the report did reveal some positive developments, especially across Sub-Saharan Africa. For one, more than half of the region’s countries have bridged their gender disparity gap by over 70%. More importantly, the region, which ranks sixth globally, has a score of 68.4%, indicating progress in political empowerment. Namibia and South Africa recorded the most progress, with the former ranking in the top 10 of countries with the smallest gender gaps. Sierra Leone also made significant strides, rising 32 place to rank 80th in the world. Despite these gains, women in the region still face significant barrier in economic participation and education, and the report acknowledges there is a lot of work to be done to close the global gender gap.