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Study Finds 53% Of People Willing To Take Vaccine

Professor Shabir Madhi said it’s surprising that South Africans are among the least willing to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

The 15-nation survey was conducted by Ipsos and the World Economic Forum.  

It revealed that only 53 percent of people say they would get the shot.

Professor Madhi explained why some people may be reluctant to take the vaccine.

He said, “it does come as somewhat of a surprise because the history of vaccines in South Africa, in terms of uptake, is that most people have been pro-vaccine in terms of recognising its public health value.

 I think, what we’re experiencing now is a lot of uncertainty with the regards to the COVID-19 vaccine. That being said, even in the United State before vaccination program, the number of people in the US that indicated they would be vaccinated was roughly the same percentage — about 55 percent a few months ago, over time that number actually changed.”

Professor Madhi credited the attitude change with people understanding the impact of COVID-19 as well as seeing regulatory authorities approval of the vaccines.