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Student Activist Kanya Cekeshe Will Apply For Parole

JOHANNESBURG – Fees Must Fall activist Kanya Cekeshe’s lawyer Wikus Steyl on Tuesday said they were busy preparing submission documents to apply for parole.

Cekeshe is now eligible for parole after President Cyril Ramaphosa granted him a 12-month remission on his sentence. He has been at Leeuwkop Correctional Services since December 2017.

Justice Minister Ronald Lamola announced that Cekeshe qualified for parole, but wouldn’t say whether the activist would get a presidential pardon.

Steyl said they were on top of the matter.

“We first have to finalise the appeal and the petition. Once those have been successful or unsuccessful, only then we can ask the president for a pardon,” he said.

He said his client’s health was also improving.

“He is finally getting treatment and got him seeing a doctor. He’s not completely himself yet but he is improving.”