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Steenhuisen: SA Will Need Phased Approach To Ease Lockdown

Steenhuisen: SA Will Need Phased Approach To Ease Lockdown

The nation’s official opposition wants government to consider a staged lockdown that will allow some businesses to start operating again depending on the containment of the coronavirus.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has dubbed the plan a “Smart Lockdown”.

The DA on Monday advocated for the plan to be similar to the load shedding schedule. Under the plan, stage four would be a total lockdown, like the one we’re experiencing right now.

Stage three would allow for some businesses to start operating again. But the goal would be to keep the number of people out in public spaces to a minimum.

Places of entertainment, leisure & lifestyle activities would remain closed, but restaurants would be allowed to open for delivery and collection orders only.

The decision to move between stages would be based on how well the virus was being contained. The DA’s interim leader John Steenhuisen said that this would allow the economy to get started again.

“When the lockdown ends, South Africa cannot simply go back to a business as usual approach, we’re going to need a phased and flexible approach to ease the lockdown but also to ensure that we contain the spread of the coronavirus.”

Under the plan, stage two would mean all businesses could reopen so long as they maintained social distancing measures and could equip their staff with protective gear.

But it would still involve a restriction on opening hours for restaurants and bars.

Stage one would mean a return to normal life, including air travel, with the exception of travel to and from high-risk countries.

For official information about COVID-19 from the Department of Health, please click here.