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Steenhuisen: ‘It’s Time To Move To Lockdown Level 1’

DA interim leader John Steenhuisen has called on President Ramaphosa to move to lockdown level 1 in order to allow South Africans’ lives to go back to a sense of normality.

Lockdown level 1 in principal means that thngs go back to ‘normal’ with health and safety protocols strictly in place.

Lockdown level 1 will allow international borders to open, which means that international travel will be allowed, which is a much-needed boost for the South African tourism and hospitality industry.

‘The severe and prolonged lockdown has plunged our economy, the lifeline of our society, into unprecedented crisis.’ Steenhuisen said in a statement on Tuesday.

President Ramaphosa is expected to chair virtual meetings this week with relevant parties to discuss a possible move to the final level of lockdown.

Steenhuisen does not deny a possible ‘second wave’ of coronavirus infections, but a prolonged deep depression is possibly far worse for South African households.