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Steenhuisen Believes Continued Lockdown Spells More Damage To Economy

The Democratic Alliance (DA) interim leader John Steenhuisen said the longer the lockdown continues, the harder it be to reverse the effects of COVID-19.

The party said this why it believes it has a strong chance in court because the regulations are not consistent with the Constitution.

The DA wants government to end the lockdown soon.

Steenhuisen won’t back down, saying that continuing the lockdown is irrational and the regulations are unlawful.

He said if government won’t listen to him and the three million South Africans he claims stand to lose their jobs, they’ll listen to the courts.

“Potentially, as the law currently exist, we could stay in a state of national disaster for two months, two years, 20 years?”

The interim leader has denied he is doing this for political gain.

The party said South Africans lives are at much greater risk under a lockdown than in an open economy.