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Staying on Namibia’s Impalila Island

The lodge is on an idyllic little spot in a quieter and more secluded section of the Chobe River – 100% part of its charm. Impalila Island (which translates as either “Unable to” or “Far Away Island” in the local Sibuya language) is only about 12km long and 4km wide. The Zambezi River forms its natural northern border while the Chobe River hugs its south. The Kasai Channel cuts the piece of land off from the rest of the Caprivi floodplains in the west. About 450 adults and 300 children live on the island. For those who love fishing, the island enjoys another world-class claim to fame. The Chobe River – and particularly this lodge – enjoys the easiest access to some of the best tiger fishing in Africa with the rapids just downstream lulling you to sleep at night – bliss!