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State To Examine Zuma’s Condition

Former president Jacob Zuma’s medical report is expected to be submitted to the High Court sitting in Pietermaritzburg next Friday.

The State will also conduct its own medical assessment on Zuma.

The State’s Wim Trengove said that they were completely in the dark about former President Jacob Zuma’s medical condition, which has been used to justify yet another postponement of the case against him and Thales.

“The doctor’s letter doesn’t identify the medical condition of which he suffers at all, and says quite perplexingly, that it was a condition that has required extensive emergency procedures, which have been delayed for 18 months,” Trengrove said.

Legal expert Michael Osborne said it’s unusual that the State has asked to appoint a medical practitioner to examine and assess Zuma’s medical condition.

“This is a little unusual and what it seems to indicate is a certain amount of scepticism on the part of the state, which may seek to argue this is another delaying tactic design to avoid the commencement or postponement of the trial indefinitely,” Osborne said.

The matter is back in court on 9 September.