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State Capture Took Place Under Our Watch – Ramaphosa

President Cyril Ramaphosa acknowledged to the people of South Africa that state capture took place under the ANC and that the party did not always live up to the values and principles of the governing party.

In his opening statement before the Zondo Commission of Inquiry into state capture, starting four days of testimony, Ramaphosa said that leaders and members of the ANC had been part of state capture.

“State capture took place under our watch,” he told Judge Zondo without going into any detail in a statement that ran at just under an hour. But he defined culpability to a small circle, saying that “the vast majority of ANC leaders, members and cadres are vehemently opposed to corruption in all its manifestations.”

He has admitted that things have gone horribly wrong with cadre deployment to government departments and State Owned Entities.

Ramaphosa testified at the State Capture inquiry on Wednesday.

Ramaphosa says it took some time for the governing party to take notice of state capture allegations.

“As I said in my statement or the bulk of my affidavit, some of these State Capture issues were only evident in time as we moved on,” he told the Commission.

“That is why I referred to the statement by comrade Mbalula was when he mentioned the NEC meeting how he had come to know about his appointment,” he added.

He says even at the time the party was not aware that something was happening. However, with hindsight, they were able to to join the dots.