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Startups from Africa Win Migration Entrepreneurship Prize

The Prize identifies and supports socially driven businesses on a mission to enhance socio-economic inclusion of migrants. The program focuses on sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, and the Middle East, which are regions prone to strong migration movements caused by factors including poverty, instability and conflict among others. “We are proud to support migrant entrepreneurs striving through our collaboration with Seedstars. They offer market-based solutions that will help improve access to services in impoverished regions that will benefit migrants and host communities alike” said Nina Hälg, who served on the Jury panel on behalf of the FDFA. The 20 start-ups selected offer promising business ideas to enhance the positive impact of migration and migrants for societies. The global prize winners presented solutions that help improve the livelihoods of migrants and host communities by contributing to their social and economic rights and by reducing the pressure for people to choose irregular dangerous migration routes.