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Startup Entrepreneurs Get A Big Boost As Hola Business Officially Launches

Business plan training is now available online for South African entrepreneurs, following the launch of the exciting startup business planning tool Hola Business earlier this month.

Hola Business aims to simplify and streamline the process of getting a new business off the ground, helping entrepreneurs save both time and money in the early cycles of setting up a business.

It does so by offering a unique, in-depth training programme that walks users through the entire process of building their own complete business plan, while learning essential startup business skills.

The training material is delivered in 12 modules, punctuated with dozens of intuitive, easy-to-use tools through which users capture their business plan information. This information is then automatically converted into a professionally formatted plan, which users download as a PDF document, ready to present to potential investors.

With an estimated duration of almost 40 hours, the training programme covers everything from strategic and financial planning; to costs, pricing for profit and managing working capital; to the legal, tax and administrative steps of setting up a business; marketing and more.

Guiding users along their learning journey is the in-depth case study analysis of Frosty’s Ice Cream Shop. A key part of the teaching methodology, the step-by-step presentation of the case study, threaded across the course, complements the learning material and helps users by demonstrating how to craft each component of the business plan.

Users later take the reins of managing Frosty’s itself in the unique built-in business simulator, included as part of the offering, where they can test their skills in operating the business for 12 months. In this fun but challenging, realistic business game, users are able to test and monitor the impacts of their decisions, strategies and tactics in a virtual environment as they try to grow the business’ profitability.

In addition, Hola Business also offers a comprehensive library of additional documents, exercises and useful startup business resources, ensuring these are always conveniently on-hand whenever they are required.

This is what makes it unique from the many business plan template services available. Combining these features in a single online, low-cost platform, Hola Business takes a huge leap forward in bringing essential knowledge and business resources to a far wider audience of up-and-coming South African entrepreneurs. The platform enables rapid, relevant skills development and planning know-how, which may well prove a game-changer as South Africa seeks to boost its small business sector and create a culture of can-do entrepreneurs.

“We believe that every budding entrepreneur should have the resources to gain essential business skills in an easy, intuitive and interactive manner,” explains Hola Business co-founder Matt Johnson. “Hola Business offers a complete startup business kit, developed by South Africans for South Africans, that empowers entrepreneurs to convert their idea into a comprehensive business and financial plan.”

To celebrate the launch, Hola Business is currently offering a 33% discount Launch Special. New users can sign up for R999 to receive a full year’s access to the training programme.

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