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Startup Business Campus: Africa’s  Superhub Empowering Iconic African Startups

Startup Business Campus is thrilled to announce itself as Africa’s superhub for entrepreneurs, enablers, and investors. With a steadfast Campus offers a dynamic environment where great minds collaborate, learn, create, and connect.

As a dedicated space for entrepreneurial growth, Startup Business Campus equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the essential knowledge, skills, tools, resources, and infrastructure needed to develop iconic African businesses. Our comprehensive approach ensures that entrepreneurs have access to the necessary support systems, enabling them to thrive in the competitive business landscape.

At Startup Business Campus, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration and actively work with leaders, feeders, and cheerleaders within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. By building strategic partnerships, we aim to cultivate an environment that nurtures innovation and empowers African entrepreneurs to achieve their full potential.

Our commitment to the success of African startups goes beyond providing physical space. Startup Business Campus develops, facilitates, guides, mentors, funds, and scales iconic startups across fundamental sectors. Through our comprehensive programs and initiatives, we provide entrepreneurs with the necessary resources and expertise to transform their ideas into sustainable, high-growth businesses.

Key features and benefits of Startup Business Campus:

Knowledge and Skills: Through our curated learning programs, entrepreneurs gain access to a wealth of knowledge, including industry insights, business strategies, and best practices. These programs are designed to equip entrepreneurs with the skills needed to navigate challenges and seize opportunities effectively.

Tools and Resources: Startup Business Campus offers a robust infrastructure that includes cutting-edge technologies, and modern workspaces. Our entrepreneurs have access to a range of resources, such as prototyping facilities, market research databases, and specialised software tools, enabling them to develop and refine their ideas efficiently.

Mentorship and Guidance: We provide entrepreneurs with access to an extensive network of experienced mentors, industry experts, and successful entrepreneurs. This mentorship program offers invaluable guidance, enabling entrepreneurs to make informed decisions, avoid common pitfalls, and accelerate their business growth.

Funding Opportunities: Startup Business Campus actively connects entrepreneurs with 

potential investors, venture capital firms, and funding organisations. Through our strong network and partnerships, we help secure funding for promising startups, facilitating their growth and expansion.

Sector-specific Focus: We recognize the importance of fundamental sectors in Africa’s economic development. By focusing on key industries such as agriculture, renewable energy, healthcare, technology, and finance, Startup Business Campus plays a crucial role in driving innovation and sustainable growth in these sectors.

“As Africa’s leading superhub, Startup Business Campus is dedicated to creating an enabling environment for entrepreneurs to thrive,” said Lucky Litelu, CEO at Startup Business Campus. “We believe that by equipping entrepreneurs with the right resources, knowledge, and connections, we can foster the development of iconic African businesses that contribute to the continent’s prosperity.”

With a passionate team of experts, a supportive network, and a vibrant ecosystem, Startup Business Campus is poised to revolutionise entrepreneurship in Africa. We invite entrepreneurs, enablers, and investors to join us on this transformative journey, where great minds come together to shape the future of African business.

About Startup Business Campus:
Startup Business Campus is Africa’s superhub designed for entrepreneurs, enablers, and investors. Our mission is to equip entrepreneurs with knowledge, skills, tools, resources, and infrastructure to develop iconic African businesses. We work collaboratively with entrepreneurial ecosystem leaders, feeders, and cheerleaders to make African entrepreneurs thrive. By developing, facilitating, guiding, mentoring, funding, and upscaling iconic startups across fundamental sectors, we aim to drive innovation and sustainable growth in Africa. For more information, you can go to or come to our offices at 66 Carr Street, The Mills, Newtown in Johannesburg.