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Standard Bank Hosts Central Bankers to Demonstrate Africa’s Potential to Learn – and Lead

The collapse of SVB and Signature Bank in the last week – and the resulting downturn for international banks – put the global spotlight on the effective governance of financial institutions and the role that central banks have to play in ensuring the viability and sustainability of banks. This was a central topic of discussion at Standard Bank’s African Central Banks Conference (ACBC). The two-day summit also focused on topical debates regarding Reserve Management, fintech and Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) discussing key themes within the broader monetary policy environment, economic development, financial markets stability, social justice and environment sustainability and how we can all respond to providing solutions to the shared challenges. “While all central bankers agree that a great deal of focus should be on large, systemic financial institutions, there is also a need to revisit the regulation of small and niche banks”, says Yinka Sanni, Chief Executive: Africa Regions at Standard Bank Group, speaking at Standard Bank’s ACBC in Johannesburg, this week.