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Stage 3, 4 Load Shedding Pattern To Continue Indefinitely – Eskom

Eskom said that the current pattern of stage 3 load shedding in the mornings until afternoons, and stage 4 from thereon into the evenings, would be implemented daily until further notice.

The utility has been battling to return to service seven generating units that tripped at several power stations.

This added pressure on the power grid, forcing the ramping up of the power cuts.

As technicians attend to the breakdowns, Eskom appealed for the spare use of electricity to preserve the current levels of limited power.

“We currently have 6,014 megawatts on planned maintenance, while another 17,278 megawatts of capacity is unavailable,” said Eskom crisis communication manager Menzi Mngomezulu.

Eskom said it would provide further updates on the status of the grid.