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St Helena Offers the Perfect Getaway for the Post-pandemic Traveller

The island is a British Oversees Territory in the middle of the South Atlantic and was first colonised by British settlers in the Seventeenth Century. The small island is home to more than 4 000 inhabitants, known locally as Saints, who are famed for their hospitality and welcoming nature. St Helena is a haven for walkers, with over 20 walks designed by the St Helena Nature Conservation Group along some of the most scenic and untouched areas of the island. The island has strong ties to South Africa through history. King Dinuzulu and some 6 000 Boer Prisoners of War were exiled to St Helena, due to its remoteness. Visitors will learn about the role of St Helena in fighting the slave trade and be able to visit key sites associated with Napoleon, who was also exiled to the island, and see his tomb.