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Spotlight: Through the Healing Lens of Bade Fuwa          

Although relatively new to the world of photography, Bade Fuwa is taking images that are resonating across the globe. Able to convey intense emotion and a sense of nostalgia with his work, he has won numerous awards and captured the attention of the fashion world. Fuwa using his camera lens to capture a firmer grip on the present moment has landed him high regard among the likes of Vogue, London-based gallery Open Eye, and an award for “Exceptional Merit” from Global Talents Art Prize. His educational background in fashion and time spent working as a stylist, no doubt lends well to Fuwa’s complementary and contrary uses of color, visual textures, and the fluidity in how he captures human movement. The photographer is in pursuit of capturing his own story and memorializing his late mother and sense of home through art, hoping to validate those who share his experiences.