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Spotlight: Kevo Abbra’s ‘Kibera Ghost Rider’ is Afrofuturism Personified

Focusing on the groundbreaking works of artists in the worlds of photography and visual arts, Okayafrica’s Spotlight series turns its focus to Kevo Abbra, a Kenyan fashion stylist, costume designer and prop master. His newest work, ‘Kibera Ghost Rider’ uses a distinctly Afrofuturistic lens to convey hope and inspiration to downtrodden youth. As the creative genius behind Nasty C’s album artwork for his ‘Zulu Man With Powers’ project, Abbra is reimagining the narrative around African fashion and art. Falling under the umbrella of ‘Afrofuturism’, his latest project ‘Kibera Ghost Rider’, is changing the game. Kibera Ghost Rider is a living character echoed through distinct costumes and props with the artist’s inspiration being the urge to inspire, encourage, and give hope to kids and youth from the informal settlements to create their own spaces through representing their heritage, culture, and stories and in turn uniting the global community positively.