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Spotify’s Strategic Entry into the Nigerian Market                             

Afrobeats, different from the older Afrobeat vibes Fela Kuti cooked up back in the ’70s didn’t start big like it is today. Afrobeats, a loose grouping of traditional African rhythms, highlife, hip-hop, dancehall, and funk, kicked off in the late ’90s. While various factors contributed to Afrobeats’ global recognition, part of the magic was the rise of music streaming platforms, changing the game on how consumers listen to and share music. Spotify, the world’s leading audio streaming platform, jumped into the game in Nigeria in 2021 and played a major role in Afrobeats’ evolution. This democratization of access made it easy for Nigerian artists to break geographical barriers and reach listeners worldwide. Grammy wins, viral dance vids, and packed arena shows are evidence that Afrobeats has gone worldwide.