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South Africa’s Parliament Voted Not to Start Impeachment Proceedings against President

Tuesday’s vote comes after a November report found preliminary evidence that Cyril Ramaphosa may have violated his oath of office, over alleged misconduct and violation of the constitution in relation to a burglary scandal. Ramaphosa, who has run a tough campaign against corruption, is facing a scandal related to hundreds of thousands of dollars reported stolen in 2020 from Phala Phala, his private game farm in the Limpopo Province. He has been accused of attempting to cover up a huge cash theft – initially reported as up to $4m, but Ramaphosa said it was about $580,000 – at his luxury farm, including having the burglars kidnapped and bribed into silence. For the impeachment vote to have succeeded, it would have required the support of a two-thirds majority of MPs who voted during an extraordinary parliamentary session in Cape Town on Tuesday, December 13.