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South Africa’s Ex President Skips Day in Court

A South African inquiry into corruption during Jacob Zuma’s time as president will ask the Constitutional Court to impose a jail term on the former leader after he defied an order to appear before the inquiry on Monday. Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, who leads the inquiry, said there was “no valid or sound reason” for Zuma’s failure to appear before the inquiry, which is probing allegations of high-level fraud during his period in power from 2009 to 2018. “The commission will make an application to the Constitutional Court, which is the court that made the order that Mr Zuma has defied, and seek an order that Mr Zuma is guilty of contempt of court,” Zondo said. He said it was up to the Constitutional Court – the highest in the land – to decide what to do about Zuma, with options including a fine or prison. “The commission will approach the Constitutional Court and ask it to impose a term of imprisonment on Mr Zuma,” Zondo said, adding that everyone should be subjected to one legal system with no exceptions. Zuma’s refusal came a day after the ANC stressed the need for all its members to cooperate with the commission.