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South Africa’s Eco-Champions: 10th Annual Eco-Logic Awards Opens for Entries

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Entries are now open for the 10th annual Eco-Logic Awards hosted by the Enviropaedia. Each year the awards recognise and celebrate South Africa’s eco-champions. These include small businesses, large corporate organisations, non-governmental and community-based organisations, municipalities, and individuals – all who are working toward a greener future through sustainable practice and innovation. Free to enter, all submissions must be in by end May, and the event itself will take place virtually on 21, September 2021 on World Peace Day. 

This year is when our support is going to be needed the most. Sadly, many environmental organisations have been badly knocked by the Covid-19 pandemic and we are in danger of losing their valuable services. They have endured the loss of funding, resources, staff and volunteers, as well as cancellations of mass green events like beach clean-ups,” says David Parry-Davies, Director of The Enviropaedia and the Eco-Logic Awards.

But all is not lost. 2021 is the start of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030), and according to Parry-Davies, the disruption of the pandemic has allowed us to re-set the way we live, work and socialize in a more compassionate and environmentally sustainable manner. Further to this, he believes there is an opportunity to build more sustainable, purpose-based, and profitable businesses whilst improving the quality of life for all inhabitants of this planet. “The Covid-19 virus has entirely disrupted our self-destructive ‘business as usual’ discourse and we must use this time wisely. We now have the chance to re-think what we prioritise and value.” 

In celebration of their 10th anniversary, the Eco-Logic awards have introduced three new categories this year namely, Eco-fashion & Lifestyle, Eco-health & Wellness, and Eco-hospitality & Tourism. “We are excited about these categories as they will showcase everyday products and services that consumers use and highlight how they can best exercise their spending power.  The retail, leisure and tourism industries have suffered greatly during the lockdown, so we hope to help boost sales and assist with business recovery by generating awareness around their contributions to the health of our planet,” says Parry-Davies. 

The winners in each of the 11 official categories will be announced on the evening of the virtual awards ceremony. Usually an in-person event, the Eco-Logic awards went virtual last year in response to Covid-19, and given its success, will enjoy the virtual company again of environmental movers and shakers, thought leaders and celebrities, corporate sponsors, business executives, government representatives as well as members of the public. 

The full category list for this year’s Eco-Logic Awards includes Nature Conservation (previously Biodiversity), Climate Change, Eco-Innovation, Recycling and Circular Economy, Water Conservation, Eco-Fashion and Lifestyle, Eco-Health and Wellness, Eco-Community, Eco-Hospitality and Tourism, Eco-Angel and Eco-Warrior. 

The closing date for entry submission is 31 May 2021. To enter or nominate an individual or organisation, visit