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South Africans Will be Paying More for Less Electricity 

The National Energy Regulator of South Africa has allowed beleaguered power utility Eskom, to raise its tariff by nearly 19%. This is despite the country currently facing up to 10 hours a day of load shedding as the state-owned company struggles to keep the lights on. The increase will come into effect in April. While the 18.65% rise falls short of the 32 % that Eskom had originally asked for, cash-strapped South Africans are unhappy paying more for an unreliable service. The unpopular tariff increase comes after Eskom implemented continuous stage 6 rolling blackouts this week. Eskom, which is reported to have lost $890m last year, is plagued by aging infrastructure, mismanagement and corruption allegations. Its outgoing CEO, Andre de Ruyter who resigned last month, recently announced he survived an assassination attempt at his office after drinking coffee from a cup laced with cyanide.