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South Africans are Now Swelling the Ranks of Explorers Shouldering Backpacks

Backpacking in South Africa is definitely not a new concept, but backpackers’ accommodation spots took quite the knock during covid. Thankfully, these vibey places are starting to recover, with South African backpackers leading the charge. Backpacking offers travellers a sense of freedom and what many would call an authentic way of experiencing a destination. Certainly, for those who love an active lifestyle and like challenging themselves to the unconventional, backpacking holds a growing allure. Bheki Dube, who owns CURIOCITY hostels, with branches in Johannesburg’s Maboneng precinct and Greenpoint in Cape Town, describes the current backpacking scene in South Africa as both innovative and affordable. ‘We’ve seen that Millennials are more about the experience than just booking accommodation. They are active and connected and share their activities online when we host them. It’s a fun lifestyle and we’ve seen demand pick up. When we started in 2013, we had a split of 80% international customers and 20% locals. Now, it’s an even split, with local Millennials really embracing the backpacking experience,’ notes Dube.