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South Africans are Investing in Second Citizenship to Diversify Wealth

Acquiring dual citizenship is recognised as providing an insurance policy against unpredictability. In recent years, St Kitts and Nevis has become a popular destination among Africans looking for a safe and secure route to a second citizenship. Since 1984, the dual-island nation has welcomed foreign investors and their families to become citizens once contributing to its Sustainable Growth fund under its Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme. “CBI is a powerful tool that gives an individual and their family the label of being a citizens of the world because an alternative citizenship can give freedom to travel to business hubs and provides an additional layer of safety and security making it the best insurance policy for your family,” says Emmett. Applicants who pass the meticulous multi-tiered vetting process unlock benefits from increased travel mobility to 156 destinations, including prominent business hubs in Europe and Asia and the right to live and work in the country. Lastly, the option to pass down citizenship for generations to come ensures that you can establish a legacy that will stand the test of time. As much of the world grapples with the spread of coronavirus and forced travel restrictions, it has become vital to have a plan b for when the next crisis hits.