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South African Singer Tyla Makes Waves on TikTok with Viral “Water” Dance Challenge                          

TikTok’s latest obsession is the “Water” dance challenge. Set to the sound of “Water,” a single from South African singing sensation Tyla, it mimics the choreography from her video, ending with the challenger pouring water down their backs. Riffing on the recent Baccardi dance challenge, Water has already amassed 500,000 video posts. This is not her first brush with viral fame. Earlier this year, the slick song “Been Thinking” showcased her ability to blend all of the genres she set out to in a fascinating way. “I knew I wanted my sound to be a mixture of pop, R&B, Afrobeats, amapiano,” she says. Her debut single, “Getting Late,” also had a moment online. Those songs, however, did not have the same wide-reaching impact as her current single, which she says has cracked open a world of opportunity.