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South African Company’s Tasty Solution to Reduce Use of Plastic Dishware

Munch Bowls has created a biodegradable bowl made from wheat, which you can eat as part of your meal. The bowls are vegan, can hold hot soup for up to five hours and have a shelf life of 15 months, according to the company. They are marketed to be used at picnics, parties and corporate events. The startup says it has sold bowls to hotels and companies in the hospitality industry in South Africa, Belgium, Singapore and Dubai. The bowls were originally made by hand but to keep up with demand, the company has recently commissioned a machine that can produce 500 bowls per hour. Georgina de Kock, an artist and entrepreneur (who previously sold homemade chocolates and screen prints), launched Munch Bowls in 2014 after working at food markets and becoming appalled at the amount of packaging used to serve street food. The company says its bowls eliminate the waste generated from disposable containers, or the products and time needed to clean reusable ones.