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South African Celebrities Don Their Relate Bracelets To Support South Africans In Need

South African Celebrities Don Their Relate Bracelets To Support South Africans In Need

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From Rob van Vuuren and Colin Moss, to Tracey Lange and Paxton FIelies, this past week saw celebrities from across South Africa unite in their support for 100% not-for-profit organisation, the Relate trust, which raises funds for charities through the sale of their trademark R bracelets. 

Relate partnered with a host of well-known South Africans who are taking to Instagram to show off their own bracelets,  in solidarity with the all-important support the organisation is continuing to give charities during the COVID-19 lockdown, and to encourage their followers to get involved too.

To mark Mandela Day specifically, actress Hlubi Mboya-Arnold, radio host Thomas Msengana and radio and TV personality Liezel van der Westhuizen all shared their views on the importance of giving back during these particular challenging times, remembering the legacy of the late Nelson Mandela. The other causes that celebrities are supporting include the Amy Foundation, with posts from Idols winner Paxton Fielies, comedian Rob van Vuuren, actor Colin Moss and radio and TV personality Tracey Lange, and the Tomorrow Trust, supported with posts by media personality Leroy Marc. Soccer legend Kaizer Motaung Jr showed his support for Goodbye Malaria, which works towards fighting this disease that continues to devastate many African countries. 

The celebrities agreed that offering their support to these causes is more important now than ever before. The charities are working tirelessly to help improve the lives of people whose adverse living conditions have been exacerbated by the arrival of the pandemic. Since the start of lockdown, tens of thousands of families have been left destitute with little or no source of income, making the role of these organisations even more crucial. It also means they need more support than usual, as they ramp up their charitable work in order to meet the spiralling demand.

“This campaign is testament to the work we have been doing for the last decade, and will continue to do for the foreseeable future. We appeal to all South Africans, including our loyal consumers, to follow the example of the celebrities and continue supporting Relate by buying bracelets on our website,” says Neil Robinson, CEO of Relate.

There are dozens of causes to choose from, and since Relate is a 100% not-for-profit organisations, buyers can rest assured that the money they pay will go directly to the intended charity as well as to much needed jobs for the makers. 

“If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we are dependent on each other for survival. For all those of us in a position to do so, it’s critical that we do whatever possible to assist our fellow citizens who are struggling desperately at this time,” Robinson adds.

Anyone interested in supporting Relate’s work can buy bracelets, either as single items starting from R30, or as a box of 10, on their website at