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South Africa Zionist Federation Accuses Government Of Double Standards Over ICC Stance

The South African Zionist Federation has accused the government of double standards, given its previous stance on the International Criminal Court (ICC).

During his state visit in Qatar, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that South Africa had taken steps towards laying a formal complaint with the ICC against the Israeli government.

The federation’s director of public policy, Benji Shulman, said the government needed to be clear where it stood regarding the ICC.

“I’m very interested to see that the South African government has finally found all sorts of interests in the ICC after they refused to arrest Omar al-Bashir for coming to the country and then spoke about leaving but when it’s convenient for them to suddenly use it as an entity, then suddenly getting on board, making a referral according to the international law they can’t make.”

Meanwhile, the African National Congress (ANC) has welcomed the call to investigate Israel for war crimes during its ongoing siege and bombardment of Gaza.

ANC NEC member, Alvin Botes: “The type of war crimes that are being committed, the type of genocide that’s taking place, there has been a targeted massacre directed at hospitals.”