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South Africa is Working on a Remote Working Visa

Its department of home affairs is looking to introduce a remote working visa to attract the new breed of digital nomad. The Covid-19 pandemic has moved workers away from traditional office spaces. With remote work having become the standard – and hybrid models likely to replace permanent in-office schedules post-pandemic – the way people do business has changed. A remote working visa will make it possible for professionals to live and work – for a foreign company – in South Africa. The current visa system allows these professionals in, but only for 90 days or less, with certain restrictions. An amendment to Section 11 of South Africa Immigration Act, which would extend the visa’s validity to attract digital nomads, has been proposed by Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee Member for Economic Growth, James Vos. Countries like Costa Rica and Mauritius have recently amended their immigration policies to introduce remote work visas. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) launched its green visa and freelance visa, to attract foreign workers, in 2021. Spain’s new Startup Act aims to introduce a dedicated digital nomad visa in the coming months.