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South Africa Installs Walk-through Sanitizers at Bus Stops

Commuters squinted as they streamed into a bus station in the South African township of Soweto on a bright Thursday, but not because of the glare – they were being sprayed with a solution meant to fight the coronavirus. Filing one by one through a metal tunnel, they were hit with a cold mist containing a disinfectant supposed to kill the pathogen. Some recoiled as the fog hit their faces, while others spun around to get an even coating. Scientists have cast doubt on the effectiveness of mass disinfecting against the pandemic. Some commuters, though, said it gave them peace of mind amid the bustle of the station. South Africa has recorded just over 12,000 cases of the virus, with 219 deaths. Thursday was the first day the booth was operating at the bus station as a pilot project, but similar installations are in use at other locations including a train station and a mine.