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Soul Taco Owners Launch JewFro, a Jewish-African Fusion Pop-Up

It may seem like an unlikely combination, but some intrepid cooks in Virginia have stumbled upon a hybrid cuisine that some are finding irresistible. Although the name can be startling, JewFro attracts attention, and offers up a delicious blend of Jewish and African classics. The pop-up pulls from the culinary traditions of Ghana, Morocco and Eritrea as well as Israel and American Jewish cuisine. In keeping with the pop-up’s goal to introduce diners to different cultures, the menu features a glossary. Dishes include: Shakshuka, a Middle Eastern and North African dish of poached eggs, Niter kibbeh (Ethiopian spiced butter), tomato sauce, olives, labneh (strained yogurt) and challah; West African peanut soup with ground Moroccan lamb kreplach dumplings, toasted pine nuts and herb oil; and Peri-Peri grilled chicken, a grilled half chicken with coconut sauce, Jollof cous-cous and Israeli salad.