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SOS Children’s Villages In South Africa’ First In-House Face-To-Face Fundraising Team

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SOS Children’s Villages in South Africa is launching its first in-house Face-to-Face fundraising team. This is a team of canvassers who are responsible for engaging and recruiting new regular donors to SOS Children’s Villages.

During these economically uncertain times, NGOs like SOS Children’s Villages have to find new ways to raise awareness around the work that we do in communities, its significance, and expand on the fundraising initiatives in order to gain new and increased support.

Non-profit organisations are experiencing unprecedented challenges and uncharted territory in terms of the fundraising environment in which they must operate. Since the pandemic, they have had to cancel or postpone all fundraising and awareness events scheduled due to safety concerns.

Face-to-Face fundraising is another channel for developing funding resources. SOS Children’s Villages in South Africa has, previously, has outsourced this function to external service provider’s e.g.  agencies for the past five years to operate their fundraising activities.

Now more than ever there is an increase in pressure to develop funding resources due to higher service demand, and a growing need in South Africa’s communities to support vulnerable children and families. The in-house team will be encouraging every person they talk to, to sponsor at least one child from an SOS Children’s Village until they are an adult and capable of taking care of themselves. 

One team will kick-start this campaign in the Gauteng region and then there will be an expansion into other provinces. Each team will consist of five fundraisers who will be engaging with members of the public at the selected sites and shopping centres. With this, SOS Children’s Villages in South Africa hopes to raise funding and support through monthly contributions, so that children who have lost parental care, continue to be looked after.

Sites will be confirmed weekly. For more information and to support SOS Children’s Villages, follow this link: .