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Somalia has Great Potential for Onshore Wind and Solar Power

Somalia lacks a national power grid and relies on imported fuel, wood and charcoal to address its energy needs. But energy experts say with the longest coastline in mainland Africa and an average of 10 hours of sunshine per day, the country has potential to provide for itself. Somalia’s private power companies rely on imported diesel to meet demand, making Mogadishu power cost more than three times the price of the global average. But they hope to transition to renewable energy. To help jump-start renewables, a group of private companies this year formed the Somalia Green Energy Association, or SOGEA. Bashiir Soofe, the founder of clean energy company Dalsan Power and SOGEA’s chairman, says the group faces various obstacles such as lack of incentives and investments from both the government and international community. But he says if the necessary investment and funding is obtained, particularly if banks can open their doors to support the renewable energy sector, then Somalia can become a hub for renewable energy and rise economically.