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Slikour’s SOLWallet Unleashes A Financial Revolution For African Creatives

  • 4 min read

The creative industry in Africa is brimming with talent and potential. However, numerous creatives encounter formidable challenges in accessing appropriate financial solutions. Recognising this critical gap, Siya Metane, widely known as Slikour and the CEO of SlikourOnLife, has introduced a fintech solution called SOLWallet. Designed specifically for African creatives, SOLWallet aims to revolutionise the financial landscape to empower artists and music enthusiasts.

The creative industry faces a range of economic challenges, including issues related to financial management and the lack of streamlined platforms tailored specifically for the industry. Traditional banking services often fail to accommodate their specific needs, placing them at a disadvantage.

“We actually cannot blame traditional banks for not catering to creatives.     . Unfortunately, the revenue generated by the creative industry is often inconsistent, leading banks to perceive the field as a high-risk factor and overlook the needs of creatives,” said Siya Metane, CEO of SlikourOnLife.

But, this lack of support significantly hampers the ability of creatives to secure funding for their projects, pursue their creative goals, and establish sustainable businesses in the long run. Consequently, these challenges have a profound impact on their careers and their aspirations for the future.

To tackle the abovementioned challenges, SOLWallet has emerged as a transformative solution tailored to meet the financial needs of African creatives. Its primary objective is to bridge the gap by offering a seamless and inclusive platform that caters to essential financial services for the creative industry. 

SOLWallet will enable creatives to efficiently store and manage funds, facilitate seamless transactions and payments, and present them with the opportunity to establish an online storefront to sell merchandise and tickets for upcoming events – helping them consolidate their revenue and build their financial profile.

“When you look at music as an ecosystem, caring for the creators will always be the focal point – and the financial sector is not built to prioritise the revenue that’s not common to what they deem as success in their financial algorithms. The thinking behind SOLWallet is different in that it broadens the approach in how the current system can work – providing a solution that ultimately cares about the longevity of the creative,” Slikour added.

SOLWallet’s impact on the creative industry aims to empower artists in an unprecedented way that goes beyond just South Africa. “SOLWallet was created with the intent of a global takeover for creatives, not just for SA,” emphasised Slikour. Even during the initial conception of SOLWallet, his plans for the rest of Africa were woven into the pipeline.

Slikour and his team have already initiated conversations with card suppliers across the continent, strategically positioning SOLWallet to enter different markets from a transactional perspective. The intention to expand beyond South Africa was never an afterthought for Slikour; it was always a focal point deeply embedded in the essence of SOLWallet. Slikour commented, “This platform does not exist anywhere else in the world, so we were never going to launch this just for SA.”

While SOLWallet is a significant step forward, it is only one piece of the larger puzzle in Slikour’s grand vision. His other platforms, SOLDistro and BlackChain, will complement SOLWallet, creating a monumental impact. Together, these platforms will provide creatives with a consolidated space where they can transform their passion and craftsmanship into thriving businesses. This integration has the potential to reinvent the creative industry across Africa, elevating it into a lucrative revenue field.

SOLWallet, with its deep understanding of the unique needs of creatives, paves the way for a brighter future for the African creative industry. As Slikour shared his final thoughts, he expressed unwavering confidence in the transformative power of his vision: “The creative industry in Africa won’t be the same by the time we’re done. The foundation of what we’re doing will change how the world sees the creative industry—and this legacy will still live long after I’m gone.”