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Slain Gift Of The Givers Gaza Head Stayed Because Of His Family, Reveals Friend

A close friend of Ahmed Abbasi, the Gift of the Givers (GotG) member killed in Palestine, said Abbasi was told to move to a safer area but chose to stay and look after his family.

The humanitarian aid group said that Abbasi and his brother were targeted while returning from morning prayers on Thursday.

He had been providing relief to the people of Palestine as the head of GotG’s office in the region since 2013.

Abbasi’s friend and colleague, Malik Abou-Rageila, described Abbasi as a humble man who would not stop serving the poor even when he was exhausted.

He said Abbasi, who was a Palestinian father of three, was told to move to a safer area but refused to leave his family behind.

“Unfortunately, he couldn’t leave. He had in his home around 30 people from his family. So, he preferred to stay because he said that his parents were elderly, and they couldn’t move smoothly.”

Abou-Rageila said GotG had yet to establish what happened to Abbasi.

“We don’t know exactly if it was a fight or a bomb from the tanks or from the military ships because we don’t know… I mean no one can do that now to check or to search, actually.”

He said GotG would continue their work in the region, despite the ongoing conflict.