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Six Things To Do If You’re Travelling On Your Own

Data from global flight search and travel deals website,, also suggests that more people in South Africa are searching for tickets for only one person. Pre-pandemic, in 2019, about 71% of all searches on the website were done for one person, while this year that number sits at 77%. And while many of these are, of course, for people visiting others or traveling to study/live abroad, there’s no denying that solo travel is on the rise. So, what is a solo traveller to do, once they get to their destination? How can you enjoy a holiday on your own if you’re not visiting anyone? Here are five ideas for solo travellers. Many cities around the world have hop-on-hop-off buses that allow you to see a lot of a destination in a short space of time. And, while this is a fun family or group activity, it’s also a great way for solo travellers to take in as much of an area as possible. And of course, hop off along the way. These busses stop at many of the main attractions and must-visit places in a city. It’s also a fun way to meet other solo travellers and perhaps do activities together.