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Simple Ubuntu-Inspired Ideas That Will Transform Your Kitchen

  • 5 min read

Always wanted to have the kitchen of your dreams? If your home could use a little transformation, what would be the one part that you’d transform? It has to be the kitchen for many people, and for many reasons. The kitchen, for starters, is the room where all the magic happens- it’s the heart of any home. This is especially true for South Africans who are known for their cuisine and therefore truly value their kitchen. Secret family recipes are developed and taught to kids in the family kitchen, most of the bonding in a home happens in the kitchen, and to sum it all up, preparing healthy meals at home is very therapeutic and fulfilling. Upgrading your kitchen is also not as pricey as other home remodels, despite the fact that a modernized kitchen can significantly improve the resale value of your home. That being said, here are 4 simple ideas on how to transform your kitchen:

  1. Modernize your traditional kitchen

Modern could mean different things to people of different nationalities, it would be different for Americans, Canadians, or South Africans. However, the general rule of thumb here is to make your traditional kitchen timeless. Here are a few home remodeling tips for your kitchen:

  • Install an engineered hardwood floor, ceramic tiles, or laminate the floor to make it aesthetically beautiful, easy to clean, durable, and scratch-resistant.
  • Install a tasteful backsplash for that expensive, sleek, and sophisticated visual appeal. You can opt for geometric tiles of light colors such as white and grey, or rectilinear porcelain tiles, or just a plain sheet of glass.
  • Replace cabinet hardware, e.g. ornate handles, with modern hardware that will make your kitchen both appealing and functional.
  • A simple paint job can go a long way. Just remember to choose appetizing colors such as light green. You can also have a professional artist draw your favorite meals or a mural on an empty kitchen wall if you have one.
  1. Rethink your décor

Repainting your kitchen might not exactly make it interesting if the décor is outdated. You need to complement the wall paint and floor beauty with some of these South African inspired décor ideas:

  • Hang pendant lights to not only make a statement but to also tie the whole space together.
  • If you have colorful plates you don’t use anymore, or collectibles you have been locking up in the cabinet, hang them on the wall using plate hangers or use removable strips to stick them a little firmer. You can buy cheap plates from a yard sale if you don’t have enough of your own.
  • Inject color around the counters and kitchen table with multi-colored stools, either metallic or wooden for the purpose of creating a rainbow effect.
  • Add some pattern, and personality, with a vintage-inspired rug. If you can match the rug with a lush floral wallpaper, even better.
  1. Change your counters, cabinets, and sinks

South African decor ideas are more often than not unique, beautiful, and captivating and you will certainly want to add that to your kitchen. You need counters that, on top of their décor properties, can withstand hot pots and spills. Granite, quartz, and marble counters work well in that regard. Quartz is the most durable and cheapest to install, but it isn’t very elegant. Granite comes in varied color and pattern options, which makes it elegant, but its durability is never guaranteed. Marble also looks elegant and high-end, but it scratches and stains easily. Your choice!

When choosing your new cabinets, go for those that can be repainted and/or refinished, and that is easy to clean. Also, ensure that the new cabinets bring a warm and cozy vibe to your kitchen. Wood and lacquer cabinets are good options for you. As for the sinks, choose those with basins that have enough surface area to make washing up easier. 

  1. Combine the kitchen with the dining area

For South Africans, it is important to make cooking and serving food very convenient. You save time and in case you have guests over, you have enough space in and around the kitchen to accommodate extra company. Cooking is fun when you share stories and exchange cooking notes with friends. Besides, your family and guests will have an improved appetite after they soak in delicious aromas from the kitchen even before you bring them to the dining table. So, knock down walls that divide the dining and kitchen spaces, coordinate the colors in the two spaces, restyle the now shared space, and reshape it to create a geometric contrast.


The kitchen is a high-traffic space, which makes it easy to clutter. And because you cannot hide this room from guests, you need to keep it clean and elegant at all times lest you suffer the infamous “kitchen depression”. Consult South African interior design experts even when you intend to DIY the remodel. You won’t believe how simple kitchen updates can change your home’s heart.